Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Seasonal produce - August

The third of a continuing series of what's ripe right now, according to this very useful site. August is peak season for tons of fruits and vegetables - in my area, the weather has finally cooled down enough that I might contemplate doing some canning, if I did that sort of thing (maybe next year), and I'm definitely more in the mood to cook than I was when it was 90° and humid. Anyway, to the lists!

Fruits: Raspberries, figs, red grapes, melons, oranges, peaches, plums and (Bartlett) pears are all in peak season. Blackberries, blueberries, limes and nectarines are winding down; apples and asian pears (crisper than their cousins) are just starting to become ripe.

Vegetables: What ISN'T in peak season now might be the better question - green beans, corn, cucumber, onions, okra, garlic, tomatillos and summer squash are all on the list. Tomatoes, bell peppers, basil and avocados are also still good.

I'm thinking a trip to the grocers for tomatillos is in order... just seeing the word is making me crave salsa verde in the worst way.


Rachel said...

I love using fresh produce. We even freeze some for later use!

Julie said...

This is an amazing time of year for produce. The farmer's market ls so laden with such an enormous variety of produce that I find myself a little overwhelmed when I go right now. It's all so beautiful but I can't possibly use everything I'd like to buy.

Jackie said...

I feel so lucky to live in an area where fresh produce is so cheap and so good (someday I will sneak my camera into our local market and do a photo essay...) I went home to New England earlier this month and was SHOCKED to see how expensive everything was. A lot of things were twice what I'm used to paying!

But even on the cheap, it can get a little overwhelming. I just want to buy a little bit of everything and cook up a storm!