Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beth's Super Simple Tomato Sauce

Okay, so I don't do that whole "cooking all day" thing because, well, 1) I'm in grad school 2) I'd probably burn something and 3) I have trouble planning ahead 45 minutes to bake some chicken or carrots, let alone devote hours to a tomato sauce. Here's my recipe for 10-minute tomato sauce in honor of Jackie's plea to make your own sauce. I make mine chunky-style.

olive oil
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1/4 red pepper, chopped
red pepper flakes (to taste)--my fiance likes everything spicy
1 tsp. dried oregano--I like to rub it first to open up the flavor
1/4-ish onion of choice (to taste), chopped--I tend to use purple onions for everything
1 14.5oz can of diced tomatoes--I try to get salt-free or organic, but that's me
6 fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped
basil--fresh or dried, to taste--Basil doesn't last as long in my fridge as the thyme and rosemary so I often resort to dry. I like to chiffonade fresh basil.
4-5 springs of thyme, either still on the stock if you're lazy like me or pulled off the stem
1ish tablespoon of tomato paste--about half a 6oz can, but this is just to get it to your desired thickness
salt and pepper

In a medium-small pot saute garlic, onion, red pepper, red pepper flake, and oregano (and dried basil) until soft.
Add diced tomatoes and fresh herbs, not including basil. Heat until bubbly.
Mix in fresh basil and tomato paste to get desired consistency. Allow to bubble, uncovered, until it reaches desired consistency because the diced tomatoes can be kind of wet.
Once ready, add salt and pepper to taste and serve over pasta.
If you left your thyme on the stem, starting fishing it out now.
Serves about 2.


Dutton said...

Heya! Great blog, I found it through the Good Eats community from LiveJournal. Thanks for advertising it. I'm always looking for more food realted stuffs online. ;)

I've used a recipe very similar to this and I definitely approve. One thing I'd like to add: a little wine (preferably red) can help bring out some flavors in the tomatoes. It doesn't have to be an expensive wine, but a Pinot Noir or Cabernet would work perfectly. :)


Caroline said...

It's funny how different people use different spices and things in their sauce. For example, I don't normally use rosemary, but I use quite a bit of dill and fresh parsley.

I'm eventually going to get my act together once the tomatoes come out around here (I've seen a couple of baby green ones already), and I'll make some mass quantities of "real" sauce to freeze this summer!

Beth said...

Yeah, I like adding wine too, but I rarely have any around unless I buy wine specifically for cooking (eww, but not "cooking wine")

I'm not huge on dill myself, but really, whatever spices people like can be substituted in and out!